You'll need a bank account and the all-important 'Codice Fiscale[ (tax code) if you buy a house. Your agent will usually help you with all of this.

I moved my bank account to Banca Caripe in Tocco as I found the bank in Pescara always took a very long time and usually with parking meters running out. Although no-one in the bank speaks much English they are all extremely helpful. 

It is possible to set up direct debits for the three main utilities (Gas, water, electric) but the local taxes - IMU and TARSU - are paid via the small office almost next to Bar Italia (on the main street) and at the Comune (just off the bottom of the main street, near where you come into the village).

If you do set up direct debits you'll find that they sometime just stop - it's usually because the utility provider has changed their bank account details. In general, if you get a payment slip in with a bill it means it isn't paid. If you don't it usually means the direct debit is working.

Recently the TV licence has been added to the electricity bill. If you don't need a TV licence then you will need to write or talk to the electricity company and explain.

The utility companies have 'surgeries' at the Comune at certain times during the week. You will need to look on the noticeboard to find out who is where when as this changes too often to be published here.